The website of Dodo River Communities Rural Development Association is a complement of Dodo RDA quarterly newsletters and facebook account. I want to thank the Almighty God first for His infinite Grace, wisdom, guidance and protection for giving us and others the idea that this website is achieved. My thanks also go to PPCD, and CNL Team working with the RDA that have continually visualize to the RDA the need to be on this online medium.
My colleagues especially the executive arms of the RDA and our hardworking staff will not be left out in my appreciation as they have worked tirelessly day and night in ensuring that the RDA comes into online medium.
Like we have been doing in our speeches of the RDA activities in respect of the GMoU, we once again want to use this medium to express our immense appreciation to Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) for availing us the opportunity and for continuous and prompt funding of the RDA. Let me at this point specifically thank Mr. Thomas Akagbosu ), Mr. Calistus Onwurah, Mr. Bikikoro Elijah, Mr. Joe Jakpa and many others in Chevron Nigeria Ltd, our Communities leadership, and Bayelsa State Government for their enormous contribution towards the smooth running of the GMoU.

I appeal to all the stakeholders (CNL, Community and Bayelsa State Government) and partners in the GMoU to live up to the commitments as agreed in order to speed up the development of Dodo RDA Communities.